For many who don’t know, a gravity bong is a kind of normal water bong that uses the force of gravitational forces to attract smoke to the smokable herbs holding chamber. They may be made out of a variety of resources, but the most frequent are made of plastic bottles or buckets.

Gravity bongs are frequently employed by smokers who would like to get a quick and intensive high. The advantages of by using a gravity bong are that you can get plenty of smoke in a strike, and it’s also much easier on the lung area than cigarette smoking from a typical bong.

The down-side of gravity bongs is that they could be tough to make, of course, if you’re not mindful, you can get a unpleasant situation from the greenies (aka marijuana paranoia). However if you adhere to our instructions below, you should be able to make a gravity bong without having troubles!

Materials You’ll Will need

To make a gravity bong, you’ll need to have:

A plastic bottle or bucket

A container or piece for your bong

A drill

A nail or pen

Aluminum foil

A lighter


Drill an opening within the package or bucket close to the bottom part. The golf hole needs to be sufficient to match the bowl or bit for your personal bong.

Include the golf hole with lightweight aluminum foil and poke pockets inside by using a nail or pen. Make sure that the pockets are large enough to permit air by way of but sufficiently small to ensure that herbs won’t fall by means of.

Position the bowl or bit for the bong from the golf hole in the aluminum foil.

Fill up the jar or container with normal water until it’s about halfway total. This type of water should be sufficient so that when you put the dish under water, it’s completely submerged.

Place your mouth over the top of the the jar or bucket and light-weight the pan. As you inhale, gradually lift the container or container from the drinking water. This could cause the light up to be pulled into the chamber. As soon as the holding chamber is complete, eliminate the pan and suck in!

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